Poem with a lemon in IT

The colour of the sun when it sets Reminds me of the zest that Coats the sourness of a lemon.   The sourness reminds me of My current science teacher. Like the time she’d spilt it down her summer top And I laughed, it reminded me of an Hour’s detention. Limewater.   I prefer it [...]

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A poem with an apple in it

In the spring the rolling fields filled with lambs and daffodils resemble the vibrant green of an apple. Sitting in the garden picking all the green apples off the groundç basking in the sun having fun. Some peel them some like them cut some like them green, some like red but as for me I [...]

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Cyprus orange grove


                                                   ORANGE It is orange and has a green top it looks like it has a smooth texture. It smells zingy and quite fresh and quite strong. It feels quite bumpy but with a smooth feel too.  Inside it feels soft and squidgy. It tastes a bit sour and it sort of reminds me of [...]

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raspberries on stem


Raspberries are as soft and furry as a little guinea pig They are as pink as my bedroom They are so juicy; the juice dribbles out my mouth and stains my raspberry pink t-shirt. They have their own kind of tasteful yogurt. Raspberry yogurt and Raspberries are the best

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Peaches remind me of holidays, a hot summer day eating peaches, or peach ice cream on the beach. Peaches are quite weird, although the outside is rather strange, the inside is quite soft and juicy, like you’re biting into a lovely soft cloud. The colour of peaches make me happy, a beautiful orange colour, very [...]

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We squished the grapes Like wild apes They turned to mush But not in a rush I knew it was not right As I got a fright   The flavour exploded The taste was overloaded It felt like tight wrapped silk It flowed through my mouth like milk   It made a big pop As [...]

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Poem with a sausage in it

  The road became slick and greasy like a sausage as the rain continued to fall. Back in America, we sat in the diner and watched the chef cast a spell over the ketchup as it danced over the sausages before settling on that slick surface.   It sat there, teasing my taste levels, testing [...]

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Some call me bitter Others say I’m nice I am served in coke and lemonade But I’m scared of mice Please don’t eat me As I want to live But if you want to squeeze my juice         You can through your big sieve!

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Poem with a mango in it by Shona Mitchell

Blazing sun on a warm summer’ s day reminds me of the orange/yellow flesh of a mango Slicing the mango carefully,close to the stone Peeling the skin off the flesh cutting into juicy chunks Ripe, juicy mango that is soft yet hard and slimy .Refreshing taste but horrible texture. Mango grows – stringy roots , [...]

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Arif Hassan

Short fiction by Arif Hassan

Got home. Phone call home. What!! I’ve got to explain myself to an angry mother. Who called??

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Owen Armstrong

Short story by Owen Armstrong

I got a shiver up my spine, walking up the stairs as the ice cold breeze crawled slowly up my back. I was standing on the platform looking around as the stadium filled quickly right in front of my eyes. I walked down the stairs until I found the row where my seat is. I [...]

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Amir Dehghan

Flash fiction by Amir Dehghan

Windy days; everyone hates them. But the windy days are the prime time for attack for the kite warriors. Their raging animals filling the Ariel warfare. The windy shores the warzone for the flying attackers.

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