The Magic Box by Abby Jones

I will put in the box A snowflake falling from the deep sky, A petal from a red rose, And the first breeze that ever blew. I will put in the box An autumn leaf dancing to the ground, A gleaming ring worn by a princess, And the first flame from a dragon. I will [...]

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Gaby’s Magic Box by Gabriella Nagy

I will put in the box   Mountains with snow capped peaks Flowers that only grow in the sea Lots of tears and memories.   I will put in the box   Eyes that see everywhere Laughter and smiles of who we love The bright yellow light of the sun.   I will put in [...]

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Puff Adder (Photo by Wendy Fidao)

The Magic Box by William Hales

I will put in the box The howl of a grey wolf Poison of a puff adder The sound of the wind whistling I will put in the box The sound of the Tardis Eight commands in Russian A bullet firing from a gun I will put in the box Winston Churchill’s voice Sloths climbing [...]

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My Magic Box by Maya Lant

I will put in my box A shooting star from a starlit sky A flag from a queens pink castle A feather that once fell from the golden sun I will put in my box The first drop of snow that ever fell from up above The venom from a sneaky jellyfish A leg from [...]

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Greek spear

The Magic Box by Adam Butcher

I will put in the box The flow of the North Sea on an Autumn’s night , Bombs from the inside of a German bomber, The tip of an ancient Greek spear. I will put in the box A hero from Lord of the Rings A scythe of the deathly hand of the Grim Reaper, [...]

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The Magic Box by Kit Wright

Sue Wilsea, PhD student in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, used Kit Wright’s poem, The Magic Box, as inspiration for a group of primary school children to write poetry of their own, in the Creative Writing After-School Club she led during 2014. This is a link to Kit reading the poem himself. Some of the [...]

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