Arif Hassan

Short fiction by Arif Hassan

Got home. Phone call home. What!! I’ve got to explain myself to an angry mother. Who called??

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Owen Armstrong

Short story by Owen Armstrong

I got a shiver up my spine, walking up the stairs as the ice cold breeze crawled slowly up my back. I was standing on the platform looking around as the stadium filled quickly right in front of my eyes. I walked down the stairs until I found the row where my seat is. I [...]

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Amir Dehghan

Flash fiction by Amir Dehghan

Windy days; everyone hates them. But the windy days are the prime time for attack for the kite warriors. Their raging animals filling the Ariel warfare. The windy shores the warzone for the flying attackers.

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Amna Fazal

New York by Amna Fazal

The misty, glowing, heavenly, sunlight powers down onto the city. As the city comes alive and dawn passes, the liveliness traps the air. As the sudden day arises the usual glistening sparkle in the rouge reddened skies appears. As time passes, the day ends and everything comes to a close. The street lamps glow and [...]

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Brit Brown

Twitter fiction by Brit Brown

The first sight of love was in the playground, I saw her looking at me but she didn’t know that I loved her. Jimmy’s ex-wife Valarie had extremely evil powers. She thought she would use them on Fiona, Jimmy’s fiancé. Valarie ripped Fiona’s heart out in the centre of the ball room floor and glued [...]

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Conor Hastilow Cerative Writing

Short fiction by Conor Hastilow

The full moon calls to me…  (Not literally, it’s a feeling.) I toss and turn, lying awake. The curtains are closed tight – but through the smallest gap, The light shines and calls to me. Again… I try to block it out: I want to sleep!  I say aloud. A reply from the light: But [...]

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Fajar Kashif

A poem by Fajar Kashif

The sky is a party of fireflies illuminating the darkness, The colours ranging from amethyst to violet, like the cloak of an evil sorceress. Sitting beneath this sight, my soul disappears into an echoing abyss. Such powerful beauty, over which I am beginning to obsess. In this landscape, I am alone with a sense of [...]

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Fatimah Ahmed

Experiencing War by Fatimah Ahmed

Havoc. Noisy and rowdy crowds in Kings Cross Station. Soldiers bid their families a heart wrenching farewell, as they entered the waiting steam trains. China was the destination. Ryan was filled with sorrow; tears threatened to leave his eyes as he left his family behind. His beautiful wife and his two young children; Ariana and [...]

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Lamas Alasi i am

I Am by Lamas Alasi

I am a fast mover, too fast for some. I wonder what life would be like without war, I see reindeers flying on Christmas Eve, I want to fly up high with the birds. I am a fast mover, too fast for some.   I pretend that I am a flying bird at night. I [...]

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Liam Cartwright and Sean McCaughey Creative Writing

Short Fiction by Liam Cartwright and Sean McCaughey

Somme River, north central Somme 17th of august 1916.  Captain Chambers was counting down from 30; he could feel the anticipation among the hundreds of men under his command. Packed from wall to wall in the British trench like sardines in a can. Pride flowed through his veins. Until his countdown reached 10………. His blood [...]

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Maida Trcic

Flash Fiction by Maida Trcic

Her eyes were black with fear. She returned to the fetal position, wrapped up in herself. The dark beach surrounded her whilst the grains of sand prickled her skin. The sunset was beating down on her bruised back, but that wasn’t the only thing that had beaten her. Tears streamed down her face as she [...]

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Meriam Hamidi

I Am by Meriam Hamidi

I am imaginable. I am she who loves the view of rivers. I see trees and their falling leaves, I hear birds cheering along, I want to travel every corner of this amazing world, I wonder what would happen on Judgement Day. I am imaginable.   I pretend that I own the full rivers and [...]

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