Poem with a lemon in IT

The colour of the sun when it sets Reminds me of the zest that Coats the sourness of a lemon.   The sourness reminds me of My current science teacher. Like the time she’d spilt it down her summer top And I laughed, it reminded me of an Hour’s detention. Limewater.   I prefer it [...]

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A poem with an apple in it

In the spring the rolling fields filled with lambs and daffodils resemble the vibrant green of an apple. Sitting in the garden picking all the green apples off the groundç basking in the sun having fun. Some peel them some like them cut some like them green, some like red but as for me I [...]

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Cyprus orange grove


                                                   ORANGE It is orange and has a green top it looks like it has a smooth texture. It smells zingy and quite fresh and quite strong. It feels quite bumpy but with a smooth feel too.  Inside it feels soft and squidgy. It tastes a bit sour and it sort of reminds me of [...]

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raspberries on stem


Raspberries are as soft and furry as a little guinea pig They are as pink as my bedroom They are so juicy; the juice dribbles out my mouth and stains my raspberry pink t-shirt. They have their own kind of tasteful yogurt. Raspberry yogurt and Raspberries are the best

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The Magic Box by Abby Jones

I will put in the box A snowflake falling from the deep sky, A petal from a red rose, And the first breeze that ever blew. I will put in the box An autumn leaf dancing to the ground, A gleaming ring worn by a princess, And the first flame from a dragon. I will [...]

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Gaby’s Magic Box by Gabriella Nagy

I will put in the box   Mountains with snow capped peaks Flowers that only grow in the sea Lots of tears and memories.   I will put in the box   Eyes that see everywhere Laughter and smiles of who we love The bright yellow light of the sun.   I will put in [...]

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Puff Adder (Photo by Wendy Fidao)

The Magic Box by William Hales

I will put in the box The howl of a grey wolf Poison of a puff adder The sound of the wind whistling I will put in the box The sound of the Tardis Eight commands in Russian A bullet firing from a gun I will put in the box Winston Churchill’s voice Sloths climbing [...]

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My Magic Box by Maya Lant

I will put in my box A shooting star from a starlit sky A flag from a queens pink castle A feather that once fell from the golden sun I will put in my box The first drop of snow that ever fell from up above The venom from a sneaky jellyfish A leg from [...]

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Greek spear

The Magic Box by Adam Butcher

I will put in the box The flow of the North Sea on an Autumn’s night , Bombs from the inside of a German bomber, The tip of an ancient Greek spear. I will put in the box A hero from Lord of the Rings A scythe of the deathly hand of the Grim Reaper, [...]

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The Magic Box by Kit Wright

Sue Wilsea, PhD student in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, used Kit Wright’s poem, The Magic Box, as inspiration for a group of primary school children to write poetry of their own, in the Creative Writing After-School Club she led during 2014. This is a link to Kit reading the poem himself. Some of the [...]

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Peaches remind me of holidays, a hot summer day eating peaches, or peach ice cream on the beach. Peaches are quite weird, although the outside is rather strange, the inside is quite soft and juicy, like you’re biting into a lovely soft cloud. The colour of peaches make me happy, a beautiful orange colour, very [...]

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We squished the grapes Like wild apes They turned to mush But not in a rush I knew it was not right As I got a fright   The flavour exploded The taste was overloaded It felt like tight wrapped silk It flowed through my mouth like milk   It made a big pop As [...]

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