‘The City in a Jar’ by Niamh Frazer

in a bottle
photo credit: StarrGazr via photopin cc

There once lived a Jar, a large Jam Jar that sparkled in the glittering sun, that shone through Mr and Mrs Norman’s window.  In that Jar was a tomato plant, bright red and all so juicy, but underneath that yummy tomato plant was a tiny little city, and this city was called Lostopeltry.

Lostopeltry was a wonderful place, small but fabulous, with shiny button shops, ladybird busses, houses the size of pebbles, but the best thing about Losopeltry was the people, so small but big hearts, everyone in the City knew each other.

They were all friends and it was a lovely society.

But one day a terrible flood hit the City, and everything got destroyed, houses and shops torn to pieces, the whole City was gone!  The happy people turned sad, everything wasn’t right.

One day, a week or so after the flood a villager – Thomas Phillips – made an announcement “People of Losopeltry look at yourselves, just because our City is destroyed doesn’t mean we have to fight, be upset and cry.  We can fix it, if we work together!” and all the people cheered.

The next few days after that everyone worked together to get new materials, some of the braver men and women went ‘OUTSIDE THE JAR’ they seen what the life of a large person was like, but they collected sticks, buttons and other rare materials they didn’t have in Losopeltry.

Two weeks later the City was good as new, with good improvements and new shops!  The people cheered all day long and were delighted at thenew City, they made an escape hatch to keep water out and Losopeltry was happy again.

Now that’s the story of a little City in a Jam Jar that overlooks Mr and Mrs Norman’s back window.

Niamh Frazer

Writing and Performance