‘The City’ by Sam S.W.

photo credit: PKMousie via photopin cc

The church bells struck 10 o’clock.  The illuminations of the crowded city drowned out the light of the full moon.  People wandered aimlessly along the seeming endless alleys in search of a place they could call home.  But underneath the tarmac and concrete, it was a whole different story…  There was no light; I doubt anything living down that dank smelly hole had ever seen the moon before.  A brown gunk filled the great stone gutter it splashed against the walls almost as if it were the sea crashing against a jetty.

A brown furry mammal sniffed at a sandwich, possibly been dropped into a drain on the sidewalk.  It cautiously took a nibble, then threw itself at the mouldy bread bun and began to feast.  It felt a drop of something cold and wet land on it’s right shoulder.  It looked up and saw something it didn’t recognise!  Above it was a grating and seeping through it was something bright…  Something with indescribable beauty.  It was light!  The rat climbed up the dirty moss-covered drainpipes and squeezed through the small gap above him…

The rodent stared around him.  The lights were dazzling!  So many colours he had never seen before.  Blues, Pinks, Yellows and Greens!  They were so much better than the dark disgusting colours of the sewer.  It looked around some more.  Food everywhere!  He walked over to something brown; half of it was concealed in a brightly coloured wrapper.  It nibbled a bit.  The flavour was heavenly!  He ravenously dug in to the rest of it!  Afterwards he lay on the curb, his stomach bulging.  After lying there for a few minutes, he felt a sharp pain in his right rib.  He turned to look at it.  One of those things that walked on two legs was poking him.  It was smaller than the rest but still far exceeded the size of the rat.  He jolted up and began to back away slowly, not aware of what it would do next.  Suddenly the two legged creature.  Reached out and grabbed him.  It took the rat a few seconds to realise what was going on, but when he did he reacted quickly.  It bit the two-leg on the finger, an in its shock it managed to get away, back down the sewer which it came from.  Never to be seen again.

Sam S.W.

Writing and Performance