‘Virus’ by Robert Hudson Year 8

photo credit: mohammadali via photopin cc

The letter had come a few days ago.  It read ‘Be the first to try VAGS – the Visual and Audio Gaming System.  Come on Saturday to claim your free trial’.

So that was why I was in this crampt dark box waiting for something to happen.  Suddenly a screen appeared in mid-air.  It read, ‘Choose game’  I scrolled through until I found one I liked the sound of. Virus.

Abruptly, I was plunged into a war torn street.  There was a deserted city which seemed to stretch out forever.  It seemed obvious it had been destroyed by unnatural causes.  I looked to my wrist.  The devise which the man had given me was still there he had said “Push the button and the game will end”.

I started walking in no particular direction.  I thought I had seen something move.  It was nothing.  No, I saw it again.   It was like a tiny robotic woodlouse.  I started to follow it.  I got to about a mile before I lost it.  Then I heard the sound.  It was terrifying I was too scared to move a muscle.  It sounded like a thousand objects scraping off one another.

A shadow appeared at the end of the street.  It must have been close to sundown on this weird, alien world.  Then, the sun reflected off it.  I finally realised it was millions upon billions of the robot woodlouse.  I ran.

I couldn’t stop.  Even if I wanted to I couldn’t.  If I stopped, they would get me.  They were just eating everything in their path.  I knew this was just a game, but I didn’t want to know what would happen if I lost.  How could the Virus (that’s what I now called these things) have been created?  There was a sudden pulling at my leg.  The Virus had caught up to me!  They started to pull me down; they wanted to swarm all over me..  I knew that couldn’t happen.  I remembered the device on my wrist.  I pressed the button.

 Nothing happened.

Dad had just come in.  “Michal, I’ve got you a new game”.  Michal started playing it.  He thought that the character looked a little like Bobby.  Then, the police came in with at tattered corpse.  “Is this Bobby?” they asked Dad, Michal continued his game, but the character had just been killed. GAME OVER

The game was called Virus.

Robert Hudson

Writing and Performance