‘The City’ by Hannah Biwer Year 7

photo credit: lucky-nine via photopin cc

In Newcastle where I live came a very tragic event happened I’ll tell you who I am.  My name is Flo as you can tell I am very scared I wear a white top with black trousers and I have blonde hair I’ll tell you what happened.

One cold and windy night a mysterious man walked in to town.  I felt a bone trembling chill run down my spin I knew it was a bad sign.

He carried a terrifying heavy body sack and a sharp pointed knife and on it scarlet red blood dropped on the wet floor.  I felt sick and frightened he walked towards my house I told my mum but she didn’t understand, I screamed and hit her I wish she listened, I found dad he did the same, I ran to my room and hid.  He was in the front garden and then he smashed the window, my mum screamed at the dead body of my dad.  My mum was stabbed to death, he then took my mums pearls from her neck and my dad’s wallet and left.  It was an agonising pain to see the people that cared for you.  It was a pain that no man could ever describe.

That same night I packed up some clothing and some money and food I was going to get revenge, I knew he was going to take the train to London because it is the nearest place to get away and he was heading there anyway.  So I followed him there, it was almost morning so I needed to be careful but fast.

Soon it was packed full of people, I hid in a crowd of people; I could smell the burning cigars and cheap perfume as women and men walked past. “The train it’s here at long last!” she said in glee.  But once the train screeched everyone ran towards it.  It was like a race but of course there were no medals or winners but if there was the man who murdered my family I had already won.  As much as it made me sick I followed him I also managed to pinch his wallet and find out his name – Tom Smith!

“Hey what are you doing with my wallet!” he shouted “Oh I found it on the floor, by any chance are you Tom Smith?” I regrettably said “Yes you foolish child!” Tom said in anger.  I took out my train ticket and sat down, I pulled my bag on to my lap and pulled out a carton of milk although it was a small carton I drank it all.

“Ticket, tickets!” the man said, I handed my ticket as soon as he came to me.  “Where are your parents little girl?” the man said, I didn’t answer him, why would I Tom would have kidnapped me as soon as I got off the train.  “I wish I went back and called for help” I said in disappointment.  “Well time to get off the train” Tom said.  I followed eager to know what he will do next.  I’ll tell you what happened, Tom got away until 2014 6th April.  He was sent to jail and died because he hung himself.  Many people were surprised and happy and that was the last I heard.

Hannah Biwer

Writing and Performance