‘The Ghost Next Door’ by Lauren Year 7

House on fire
photo credit: Pleroma via photopin cc

The flames licked at my clothes, hair and skin.  Fire seemed to burst out of my every pore.  The flames leaped from wall to wall toying with me as lynx’s do with their prey.  How long I’d been there was a question of time.

After a while, it stopped.

Panting, I sat up sweating.  It was a dream.  I stood up and went downstairs.

No one was there …

Where was everyone I thought.  My mum, dad brother and sister seemed to have disappeared. “Are you there” I called.

Where was everyone?  I ran outside my heart pounding and my breath catching in my throat.  The panic was fading but I was still worried.  They were probably outside but still I walked a little quicker.

They weren’t there …

The sunlight was harsh against my skin and the trees seemed to mock my every move.  The wind laughed mercilessly in my ear.

“Hello?” I said but my voice was only a whisper.

I suddenly heard voices …

As we had only just moved to the city, I had no idea who it was.  My parents had previously spoken to the neighbours but I’d been unpacking.  If only I’d listened a little harder.

“And this house only recently became back on the market.  A fire emerged here in the early hours and sadly there were no survivors?”  The client asked.

“No two adults and three children were found burnt to a crisp; there was nothing they could do”.

They sighed deeply and left.  I leaned against the wall and began to tremble.  I felt as though someone had walked over my grave.

So was it all a dream.


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