‘The Bone Crunchers’ by Zico de Giorgi Year 7

bombed city
photo credit: David C. Foster via photopin cc

Mary was walking home past the bombed streets of London, there was rubble lying everywhere, rats scurrying in and out of the cars that had been targeted by the blitz, it was a wreck, men in masks were breaking into shop windows and coming out with all sorts of things: radios, television sets, vases, all sorts.  Much to her distress one shouted to her “Oi, get over here we’ve something to show you, come on me bonnie lass!” said one of the robbers.  Mary picked up her pace into a brisk walk.  Suddenly she was grabbed and pulled into an alleyway.  Mary couldn’t really see in the dim light but she could just make out a pair of blackened goggles those that blind men use to signify themselves.  Mary also thought she heard the tap, tap tapping of a cane.  But she couldn’t have been sure.  The man gave her a small parcel and told her to hurry to address on the envelope.  He said “Quickly now it’s almost getting dark hurry along, god speed my little child.” “Yes sir I’ll try my best,” Mary ran along suddenly she stopped and thought for a while and instead of going to the address on the card she went straight to the police station.  Mary reported at the desk, “There was an old man that grabbed me, and pulled me into a dark, murky alleyway, I could just make out a pair of darkened goggles like he was blind but then he said God speed my child its almost getting dark.  That was how I knew he wasn’t blind and that’s why I came to the police station to report my curiosity about the old man.” reported Mary.   The chief constable replied “It’s a good thing that you came to the police lassie, there have been a few disappearances lately mainly children, now let’s get to the bottom of this mysterious case.”

Firstly they went and got Mary’s parents to stay in the house after they went straight to the address on the card.  “The butchers.”  The constable said bluntly she looked at her parents, swallowed and as the police officer opened the door.  Suddenly there was a shrill scream and all three of them stopped dead in their tracks the constable called for backup they arrived in the next five minutes that was when the constable made his move.  He rushed in and shouted “We know you’re in there come on out with your hands up!”  There was a rustling from inside the house and a shout saying “Gather all the bodies you can get!”  Then the constable knew there was something terribly wrong he rushed in and went through to the back door in there was a little room where there was blood smeared everywhere on the workbench, the floor, even the walls!  The constable called Mary’s parents and said “Open the envelope that the blind man gave you.“ Mary’s parents obeyed without question it said this will be the last I’ll be sending you today signed Jacob.  Mary turned a pale white knowing that she would’ve been …NEXT! 

Zico De Giorgi

Writing and Performance