‘Moving to the City’ by Caitlin Carman Year 7


My journey has just began, a journey to an unknown world.  Full of people and business.  A place that at home would feel like a whole other universe.  I feel like I have to change my life because my dad got a new job in New York.  It’s unfair that I have to leave my friends (though not many) to go and live thousands of miles away and start all over again.  I step into the car taking a last whiff of the country air.

Too quickly I find that we are crossing large expansive waters covered with mountain high buildings stretching far from all directions.  Down below not knowing what’s going on around them people scurry from one place to another.  I’m not used to all this, to all the people, although I’m in the safety of the car I still feel surrounded, surrounded and scared of the unknown.  But surprisingly this excites me.

Although I feel like I should be missing home, I think this could be a change for the better.  I have never really thought about what sort of things I like but as we drive past these mammoth buildings, I take an interest of the different designs and styles of them.  An image that really caught my eye was the contrast of a small library cast in the shadows of the twin towers.  I liked how the olden day features of the library blended with the modern day theme of the city …

It’s a week later and we’ve finally unpacked the last box and I’ve eventually settled into the place.  I’ve been to the library that I mentioned and it’s even better on the inside!  My dad’s been working lots since we’ve arrived but he’s promised me to take me up to one of the top floors of the twin towers.  His office is there and he’s going to show me the view which apparently I have to see.

I wake up extra early to go with my dad to work.  I get to the lift; press the 68th button as the excitement rushes through my fingers.  I hum along to the repeated song to make time go faster as the lift beeps past each floor.  When it gets to our floor I run to the window star struck by the views but as I look closer there is something coming straight at us it looks like a plane …

Caitlin Carman

Writing and Performance