‘The City’ by Jamil Islam Year 7

Man with gun
photo credit: jonsthedrummer02 via photopin

“My name is Dan Grey I just finished my time in the army, I’m heading back to the city to live with my mother.  The city has changed since I was a kid.  It was a nice peaceful city but now it’s full of criminals and things.”  I walked down the street towards the bank so I could withdraw some money for a gift for my mother.  I walked into the bank then asked for a withdrawal, then a man with a knife then shouted “Give me all your money and nobody gets hurt!, I walked towards the robber, he pointed his knife at me and shouted “Sit down old man!” “Make me” I said.  He swung his knife at me; I ducked under the strike then elbowed his wrist making him drop his knife.  He then hit me in the jaw with a left hook forcing me backwards, then I punched him in the nose knocking him out.  I quickly collected my withdrawal and left the bank.  After that event I decided to be a crime fighter protecting the city alone.  I was walking to the jewellery shop with a hundred pounds sticking out my pocket.  I pass by casually then I got grabbed and put against the wall.  A man was pointing a pistol at my head.  In a deep voice he said “Try anything and your brain will be splattered on the wall” he spotted the money and took it when he turned around to run off, I gave him a punch to the back of the head, he quickly turned around to shoot me, I grabbed his gun arm and forced it away from me. BANG. He fired the gun and the bullet whizzed past my head and hit the wall behind me, I then rammed him into the opposite wall, kneed him in the stomach and threw him over my shoulder.  I took the money the gun and all its ammo then walked into the jewellery shop.  After I left the shop I went to my mother’s home.  She greeted me in and I gave her the present I got her.  We had a long chat; afterwards I went into the kitchen to make tea for the both of us.  I heard a window smash, then a scream I ran into the living room.  A man had a knife with blood dripping from it; I looked at my mother’s body on the floor lifeless.  I pulled out my pistol and fired, the bullet missed, he jumped out the window and I followed, I fired another shot and it hit his leg making him fall, he tried to crawl away.  I walked up to him and flipped him on his back.  In his hand he had a primed grenade, I tried to run but I was too late. BOOM.  The grenade exploded killing us both.

Jamil Islam

Writing and Performance