The NCLA Belonging Poetry Competition 2012


What makes you feel that you belong somewhere – that you are at home? It could be the house where you live or your local neighbourhood, town or city or even be a club or group that are special to you. We want you to think about what belonging and home mean to you and send us a poem that tells us about it. You might want to write about the community you live in or friends and family. You could write about living in the North East and what makes it special. It could be something completely different.

The NCLA Belonging Poetry Competition is part of a series of events being organized to mark the launch of Newcastle University’s Social Renewal societal challenge theme. Drawing on the University’s expertise in social sciences, the Social Renewal Theme aims to demonstrate our practical approach to addressing many of the issues facing society today.

The competition opened on 12th April 2012, and closed on 20th July 2012. We received over 100 entries across two categories: under 14 and under 19. Alongside our judge: Matthew Sweeney, a panel of young adult’s judged the entries for a further prize.

Prize-winning and Highly-Commended entries appear in Writing and Performance.


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