‘Belonging’ by Toby Pearce, Commended, Belonging Poetry Competition 2012

Beach North Sea



Sitting under an apple tree, Throwing pebbles at the sea,

Sitting thinking who am I ? Watching Pigeons in the sky.


Sometimes I think I’m King, That I own the world.

I think that I can do anything, I can have that girl.


But that’s not where I belong, That’s where I can dream of!

I belong here in Teesside! I belong in the North!


I live here because I was born here not because I want to,

But still I wouldn’t move, not even to be with you…


Yes we love you, but this cannot be…

I love where I am, In the North East


I live where I wish, and my dreams are here!

I don’t care about love, I’m near Tyne and Wear!


This is the North East, I love this place

I’d never leave, I’d never pack my case!


Writing and Performance