‘Interconnectedness’ by Adam Napier, Commended, Belonging Poetry Competition 2012

The Gateshead Angel

Prize: £50 Book Voucher


My wrists are ribbed steel wings, rusted, oranged,

As I affix the grey tea to my lips. The Earl oversees, knackered,

Having stood on his statue since 1838, like that person at a party

Awaiting the only guest they know, flaunting his kiss-me-quick

Curls and cape. The other person, that one, never showed;

I tip my Styrofoam in salute and remember I’m in company.

He’s a Sandancer sitting still at my side, talking in Toon-talk,

His own dreamed-of dialect, as I nod and sip along unintelligibly.

There’s a network of ‘Northern-ness’ he says,

And I don’t listen; I don’t listen as he talks of pasties, of clichéd

NUFC ‘ha-way the lads’ imagery, because it happens

That I’m one of these people. I’m not a fly in the network or a glitch

In the matrix but part of this web, horrible and happy, not a guest

But part of the party.

Writing and Performance