Why Did I Go? by Amber Covington


This life looks like Heaven and Hell. It sounds like Death; quiet. But it sounds like a war; loud. It is still, as I wander and watch as an alienated ghost follows my every move through each brick exterior. Each step I take on the cobble-filled passageway has a different feel to my bare feet. I hear everything; and yet I hear nothing. I see everything, and yet I see nothing. I feel everything, and yet I only feel what I can touch.

I battle with an invisible man as his touch shoves me back; I struggle as he wrestles me and soon I become immobilised on the floor. As soon as I get up, I am battered back down. I decide to run in the opposite direction, but the man chases me, each ice cold touch sending a shiver down my spine. With the little energy I have left, I turn to fight the man. But the man is gone.

Trembling, I step once. Again. A third time. I walk on, the man intimidated by my sudden eagerness for revenge. I soon come to a large open space, cobbled like the passageway, every stone dancing in the twilight. A fountain stands in the middle, or at least what looks like a fountain. Looking closer, in my eyes it is a waterfall, large and majestic, standing before me with a beauty that could not be replaced. In my head, it is merely a fountain.

I suddenly realise where I am. This is the town square Ethan showed me, only everything is more beautiful at night. My heart skips a beat as I remember meeting Ethan.

The moment when my spaceship landed on this planet, and the boy – a human – he told me, standing with his face close to mine. The moment when I knew I had crashed my ship. That moment of realisation, when I ask myself the question: Why did I go?

Young Writers 2014

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