Twitter fiction by Brit Brown

Brit Brown

The first sight of love was in the playground, I saw her looking at me but she didn’t know that I loved her.

Jimmy’s ex-wife Valarie had extremely evil powers. She thought she would use them on Fiona, Jimmy’s fiancé. Valarie ripped Fiona’s heart out in the centre of the ball room floor and glued it to the stand that jimmy and Fiona were dancing next to. Valarie waited until everyone disappeared then turned the heart to stone.

Valarie translated and glued the heart back in to  one that she could control. Fiona and Jimmy were dancing again.  They were starting to get romantic, until Valarie started to control Fiona.

Jimmy was starting to get really angry with Valarie, so he stormed over to her and snatched the remote control and then went back to Fiona.  He put his hand on her heart and said “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the top.” He snapped the remote in half and then kissed her passionately.

Fiona had her own life back, but something amazing happened.  Fiona could not have children on account of her weak heart, but thanks to Valarie her heart was now strong.

Fiona is having a baby girl due a day after their wedding on the 19th May they are going to call her Ranessmai-Nellywolf. Only time will tell if Valarie’s evil powers are reflected in the baby…

Clore Poetry and Literature Award, Heaton Manor School, Newcastle