New York by Amna Fazal

Amna Fazal

The misty, glowing, heavenly, sunlight powers
down onto the city.

As the city comes alive
and dawn passes, the liveliness traps
the air. As the sudden day arises
the usual glistening sparkle
in the rouge reddened skies appears.
As time passes, the day ends and everything comes to a close.

The street lamps glow
and nightfall approaches.
As the tranquil atmosphere
captivates the town, the dark, sky forces down on the metropolis.
The light shiny moon sits
in the corner, whilst accommodating
the twinkling, shimmering stars which
cover the city. The lights begin to extinguish
and I slowly prepare for the new day to come.

Clore Poetry and Literature Award, Heaton Manor School, Newcastle