Short story by Owen Armstrong

Owen Armstrong

I got a shiver up my spine, walking up the stairs as the ice cold breeze crawled slowly up my back. I was standing on the platform looking around as the stadium filled quickly right in front of my eyes. I walked down the stairs until I found the row where my seat is. I sat down and embraced the cold air and the sight of green grass and the bright lights shining down on it.  We stood up as we watched the players came out of the tunnel. Sunderland kicked off.  Newcastle got the ball, and right before my eyes, Newcastle scored.

The Newcastle fans roared as the players celebrated. I looked around the stadium and all I could see is black and white coloured people jumping up and down.

It was the 90th minute of the game. Leading into extra time, and we were on the attack. All of the fans sitting on the edge of their seat. Then all I seen is the ball go in the back of the net to make Newcastle go 2 – 0 up.

That was full time

Clore Poetry and Literature Award, Heaton Manor School, Newcastle