The Magic Box by Abby Jones


I will put in the box

A snowflake falling from the deep sky,
A petal from a red rose,
And the first breeze that ever blew.

I will put in the box

An autumn leaf dancing to the ground,
A gleaming ring worn by a princess,
And the first flame from a dragon.

I will put in the box

A wave washed up on a sandy beach,
The first king that ruled the land,
The last word from an old book.

I will put in the box

A ticking clock from long ago,
The roar from an angry lion,
And the last rhyme of a poem.

My box is made from a rainbow in the sky,
with clouds on the lid and hidden treasures inside.
Its secrets are found only in the best of hiding places.

I will fly in my box,
across the pink sky at sunset.
And then land on the blue sea,
to sail my way back home

Cragside Primary School, Young Writers 2014

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