My Magic Box by Maya Lant


I will put in my box

A shooting star from a starlit sky
A flag from a queens pink castle
A feather that once fell from the golden sun

I will put in my box

The first drop of snow that ever fell from up above
The venom from a sneaky jellyfish
A leg from the most vicious tarantula alive

I will put in my box

A pinch of sea salt, from the most darkest, dullest sea
A sweaty pigs curly tail
And a strand of hair coming out of a witch’s wart

I will put in my box

A big white puffy cloud from the bluest sky
A feather from an Indian headband
Chopped up paper from a grey shredder

My box is fashioned from ice and gravel
It has beads along the sides with secrets overflowing
It has some true hearts and some broken hearts from the past

I shall run in my box
On a super Olympic running track
Then jump over the record keeping high jump pole
With only my magic box to thank

Cragside Primary School, Young Writers 2014

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