The Magic Box by William Hales

Puff Adder (Photo by Wendy Fidao)

I will put in the box

The howl of a grey wolf
Poison of a puff adder
The sound of the wind whistling

I will put in the box

The sound of the Tardis
Eight commands in Russian
A bullet firing from a gun

I will put in the box

Winston Churchill’s voice
Sloths climbing in trees
The dying words of an ancient warrior

I will put in the box

The season of summer and a broadsword
A Roman on a pogo stick popping balloons
A Beaver on a bicycle cycling to school

My box is fashioned from oak and metal and bone
It has skulls engraved on the lid and banks of fog in the corners
Its hinges are the thighs of 6 elephants and 5 snow leopards

I will adventure in my box
From the bitter cold of the 7 summits to the barren wilderness of Chad and Niger
Then I shall finish on a peaceful Caribbean beach where the sand is bright yellow
In the fire of a hot sun

Cragside Primary School, Young Writers 2014

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